Hematology and Clinical Chemistry

The basic panel of analyses at Biotest Facility consists of the common hematology parameters including three-part differential counts and the clinical chemistry parameters ALB, ALT, BUN, Ca, CHOL, CREA, GLOB, Phos, TBIL and TP. Besides this cost-efficient panel, we offer extensions to the panel and study specific designs.

Hematology 1

Clinical adverse symptoms revealed early in the preclinical development, e.g. during administration to rodent research models, are valuable indicators of issues that must be taken care of during the further development.  I shall be considered to cover the clinical observations with measurement of hematology parameters and clinical chemistry during one of the very first studies with administrations of the test article to an animal research model.


The Mice Have Entered The Facility

The mice have entered Biotest Facility and we will take good care of them. They will have a health check every day and are caged in an enriched environment with hidings, bedding, nesting material, biding sticks and chow & water ad libitum. The cages are ventilated individually and the temperature will be between 20 and 24° C.


All animal studies are conducted according to Danish legislation and specific licenses issued by the Animal Experiments Inspectorate. Prospective and retrospective assessment of the inhumane intervention will be obtained individually for each animal and reported. The routine assessment and handling of the animals will be conducted by technicians which are continuously training the procedures and are under supervision of a dedicated veterinarian.

Biotest Facility is committed to continuous implementation of the principles of 3R, which stands for “Replacement”, “Reduction” and “Refinement”. Replacement entails that Biotest Facility is committed to replace experiments with conscious living organisms with insentient materials such as in vitro assays with cells in culture and isolated organs from animals. Reduction entails that Biotest Facility is committed to reduce the number of animals used in the experiments by careful planning and development of the analytical procedures to gain more scientific value from each animal. Refinement entails that Biotest Facility is committed to decrease the severity of inhumane procedures applied to the animals which must be used in an experiment.


Welcome to Biotest Facility

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Biotest Facility is a contract research organization conducting investigations in the field of preclinical pharmacology. The full service includes design, conduct and reporting of studies. The research models are ranging from in vitro systems based on cells in culture to in vivo pharmacology in rodents.  We offer classical pharmacology studies and integrated approaches, including mathematical modelling, as regard to PD, PK and TK for various disease models and with focus on oncology and radiochemicals. We also offer flexible solutions for facility management and rental of separate equipped facility sections.

Biotest Facility is a new company with an experienced staff and extended network of suppliers and consultants from academia, biotech and pharma industry. We are driven by the delivery of accurate and cost efficient solutions for validation of life science concepts and sound contributions to the early phase of drug development.