Facility Services

We have vivarium facility sections and laboratory sections for rent! Take contact for further information (info@biotestfacilty.com).

Vivarium and laboratory: The facility has 600 m2 of vivarium and laboratories which are qualified according to common national and European standards and can be qualified appropriate for your use. There are 10 separate sections which are ventilated with an air exchange of 12 times per hours. The sections are equipped with laminar flow cabinets (Class II) and in two sections laminar flow cabins are installed. The vivarium is suited for housing of colonies of rodents in individual ventilated cages or in mobile ventilation units containing the cages. One section is a cell culture laboratory with incubators, fluorescence microscope and microplate reader. Some sections will always be reserved for the contract research conducted by Biotest Facility. However, we will be flexible and meet the c changing needs and especially the Sponsors’ needs as regard to space, timing, costs and the level of associated services

We offer office space associated with the labs or in the office building. Closed offices, open offices and meeting rooms are available.

Two rooms will be available for accommodation, e.g. if work routines require late night and early morning shifts