Commitment to service


Stellar; we allow ourselves to use a big word in combination with the word “service”, and to illustrate this with a picture from the Hubble Space Telescope, namely the galaxies known as “The Mice”. If you have non-standard requirements such as needing to conduct an in vivo test in space, we will make it our aim to help you succeed. However, we will be just as intrigued to conduct a solid in vivo pharmacology study at our facility, down on solid ground. Service is our product.

To offer a quality service in relation to the development of a new drug therapy or new life-science concepts is our raison d’être. At Biotest Facility we do not claim IP-rights on drug products, research models, or procedures, and we are independent of Sponsors and collaborating service providers. We safeguard for our freedom to focus 100% on service.

Planning, conducting, and reporting in vivo studies is much about communication and management of details, and we are flexible concerning the level of details shared with the Sponsors. Sponsors are always invited to follow the studies on-site, or to visit us for auditing the studies or the facility.


Though being flexible in many ways we are rigid in others. We follow all the common standards for contract research, described by national as well as EU legislation and guidelines. These describe, among other things, the safety of personnel, confidentiality, 3R-principles, animal welfare, and scientific integrity. The founders of Biotest Facility have many years’ experience with quality assurance systems (GLP and GMP), and our quality management is based on this tradition.

As a specialised CRO, besides our collaboration with Sponsors and authorities, we recognise the importance of having good collaborations with other service providers with a similar focus.

If you have any questions about potential studies or about our capabilities in relations to a specific study, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or on the number +45 70 104 300.

The galaxies known as The Mice, an alternative interpretation of stellar-level rodent research.
The collision of The Mice galaxies (NGC 4676) captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2002, although the actual event depicted in the photo took place 300 million years earlier. The Mice among the stars is a reminder of our ambition at Biotest Facility to provide stellar level service.