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Welcome to Biotest Facility

Biotest Facility is a privately owned Danish contract research organisation (CRO) conducting test assays and studies with focus on early preclinical in vivo pharmacology. The full service includes design, conduct, and reporting of studies. The test systems range from in vitro systems based on cells in culture to in vivo models for pharmacological and translational research. Biotest Facility offers classical pharmacology tests and integrated approaches and packages, e.g. including pharmacokinetics, toxicity testing, and pharmacodynamics for a range of disease models.

At Biotest Facility we have the readiness and infrastructure to start special projects that requires tailor-made solutions. Biotest Facility is a new company with an experienced staff and an extended network of suppliers and consultants from academia, biotech, and the pharma industry. We are eager to use our network, including other CRO’s and service providers, to help find solutions to development needs in your life science projects.

Preclinical in vivo services

The services are focused on preclinical studies with new drug products and tests are performed in rodent research models. Efficacy testing of new drug products in models for human diseases is the main objective, and providing sponsors with accurate results with high value for the further decision making is the ultimate goal.

A range of efficacy models for human diseases are handled, e.g. models for cancer, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, dermatological diseases, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, and various tailor-made disease models. Efficacy testing is typically commenced with a planning phase, followed by formulation of the drug product, validation of test systems, and studies of toxicity and pharmacokinetics. Biotest Facility supports all these initial phases.

The facility furthermore supports other confined functions in life science, such as cell culture assays, biobanking, and rent of facility sections for a project or a company.