Laboratories and Rodent Housing


Biotest Facility offers separate laboratory units and office space for rent. The facility is located in beautiful settings only 2 minutes by car from the freeway E45, 15 min from Aarhus University Hospital (AUH Skejby), and 27 min from Aarhus Airport.

In total we have 600 m2 of rodent facilities and laboratories, qualified according to common national and European standards. There are 10 separate sections, all ventilated with an air exchange of 12 h-1. A number of the sections are reserved for the contract research conducted by Biotest Facility. Of the remaining sections, laboratories of approximately 50 m2 each are available for rent, all with animal housing facilities installed and with areas allocated for bench work. Some sections are equipped with laminar flow cabinets (Class II), and laminar flow cabins are installed in two of the sections. The laboratories are suited for housing colonies of mice in individual ventilated cages, or for housing rats in ventilated cabinets. Some sections have access to adjacent rooms, allowing specialized functions to be housed separately from the rodent facilities and main laboratory; other sections have direct access to adjacent offices.

For Sponsors with a need for less than 50 m2 of lab space, we can also arrange contracts for sharing of labs or discuss renting of parts of a lab. We are flexible and ready to meet changing needs with regards to space, timing, costs, and the level of services associated with the lease.


We can provide office space associated with the labs or in our adjacent office building. Closed offices, open offices, and meeting rooms are available. As mentioned elsewhere, we can provide access to storage in liquid nitrogen and in freezers at various temperatures.


Two rooms for accommodation are available on site, e.g. for work routines requiring late night and early morning shifts. Ample room for parking is available free of charge.