BioXpedia Acquires Biotest Facility

BioXpedia Acquires Biotest Facility

We are pleased to share that BioXpedia, a renowned bioanalytical firm, has acquired Biotest Facility, our contract research company specializing in preclinical animal models. This strategic collaboration marks an important milestone for both companies and will strengthen the position of both in early-stage pharmaceutical research.

The collaboration with BioXpedia fills us with enthusiasm for the future. We recognise the challenges faced by smaller companies like ours in achieving substantial commercial growth independently. With BioXpedia's extensive resources and expertise in laboratory analysis and contract research, we are well-positioned to realise great advancements together.

BioXpedia's reputation and dedication to advancing drug preclinical research and drug development align perfectly with our mission. By integrating Biotest Facility into their operations, BioXpedia gains access to our specialised knowledge in preclinical in vivo models, enabling them to provide enhanced services to their existing clients while attracting new ones in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life science sectors. This acquisition presents a unique opportunity for BioXpedia to establish a distinct market position and expand their service portfolio.

Life Science Landscape

We firmly believe that a strong biotechnology and life science environment in Aarhus, and throughout Denmark, can attract talented individuals from both local and international universities. This, in turn, will strengthen Denmark's position in the industry and create a conducive environment for innovation and scientific advancement. In this context, we are confident that this collaboration will propel us to new heights and open doors to exciting possibilities. The collective expertise and resources of BioXpedia and Biotest Facility create a synergy that will positively impact our clients, our employees, and the local as well as national research community.

Together, we look forward to advancing scientific discoveries, driving innovation, and making significant contributions to the field of drug development.

Synergy unleashed: BioXpedia's assays and mass spectrometry complement Biotest Facility's animal models. Fueling innovation, attracting talent, and strengthening Denmark's biotech industry.