The Incorporation of Biotest Facility


This post marks the first communication from Biotest Facility to the world. Today Denmark and the world is one CRO richer, and activities have commenced at the address north of Aarhus, housing a multi-lab facility and office building.


Biotest Facility is a contract research organization conducting investigations in the field of preclinical pharmacology. The service includes design, conduct, and reporting of studies. The research models range from in vitro systems based on cells in culture to in vivo pharmacology in rodents. We offer classical pharmacology studies and integrated approaches, including mathematical modelling. We carry out efficacy, pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic studies in combination with various disease models, with special competences in the field oncology and radiopharmaceuticals.

We also offer flexible and affordable solutions for facility management and rental of separate facility sections ideally equipped for pharmacology studies.

Biotest Facility is a new company with an experienced staff and extended network of suppliers and consultants from academia, biotech, and pharma industry. We pride ourselves of delivering accurate and cost-efficient solutions for validation of life science concepts, and for providing sound contributions to the early phase of drug development.

Biotest Facility ApS.
Office and laboratories of Biotest Facility. The company is located in rural surroundings between the small towns of Ødum and Spørring.