Study Ramp-Up


The mice have entered Biotest Facility and we will take good care of them. They will have a health check every day, and they’re caged in an enriched environment with hidings, bedding, nesting material, biting sticks, and chow & water ad libitum. The cages are ventilated individually, and the temperature is maintained between 20 and 24 °C.

All animal studies are conducted in accordance with Danish legislation and with licenses issued by the Animal Experiments Inspectorate. Prospective and retrospective assessment of the interventions will be obtained and reported individually for each animal. The routine assessment and handling of the animals is conducted by technicians, who continuously train the procedures, and who are under the supervision of a dedicated veterinarian.


Biotest Facility is committed to continuous implementation of the principles of 3R, which stands for “Replacement”, “Reduction”, and “Refinement”. Replacement entails that Biotest Facility is committed to replacing experiments on conscious living organisms with insentient materials, e.g. in vitro cell cultures, whenever such replacements are possible. Reduction calls for reducing the number of animals used in experiments by careful planning, and by development of more sensitive analytical procedures, in order to gain more scientific value from each animal. Refinement entails that Biotest Facility is committed to increase the quality and to decrease the severity of the procedures applied to the animals during the studies.

White research mice acclimatising in their new environment.
The first batch of research mice at Biotest Facility taking in their new surroundings. The mice are housed in ventilated trays and supplied with various enrichments such as biting sticks, nesting and bedding material, houses, as well as plenty of chow and water.